On September 4, 1971, the Costa Rican National Geographic Institute was taking aerial photos from 10,000 feet of Lake Cote, the small body of water that would later become the larger Lake Arenal, as part of preliminary studies for the future hydroelectric project.

The study was funded by the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) to determine water sources in the area for their planned hydroelectric project.

Photographer Sergio Loaiza, along with Costa Ricans Juan Bravo and Francisco Reyes, traveled on a twin-engine Canadian F680 with a special 100 lb map-making camera donated by the German government rigged onto the floor of the plane snapping a photo about every 13 seconds.

It was during this aerial inspection that what is considered to be the best photograph of a UFO in the world was taken.

After studying this image for the best part of 6 month it suddenly dawned on me what the "U.F.O" actually was.

According to the air crew they said the object did not appear on the image before or after this image was taken?

one thousand and one one thousand and two one thousand and three one thousand and four one thousand and 5 you just counted to 5 seconds the aircraft took pictures every 13 seconds how far do you think the plane would have traveled before taking it's next photograph that's why it wasn't in the image before or after this one was taken.

So what exactly is it that we are looking at  can assure you it's not a UFO.

Allow me to explain in the center of the disc there appears to be 2 black object on further examination and image processing it soon become obvious that the black object is in fact a large boat that for some unknown reason has suddenly slammed into reverse causing the wake around the boat just as the recon plane took the photograph the bright parts of the "UFO" are waves caused by the sudden reversal of the boat the reason they are bright is because they are reflecting sunlight.  

When viewing the image in the negative spectrum see image above  you can now make out the distinct shape of a boat the squared off back end and the pointed front end and as i stated the boat looks to have come to a sudden stop and started reversing.

Try to imagine if you will what the 2 boats above would look like from above i am pretty confident they would look nearly identical to the Costa Rica UFO.

An aerial photograph taken in black and white in strong sunlight over water at the exact same time a large boat decides to make an emergency stop has resulted in one of "The Best UFO photo's ever"   Until now that is !